Awaken To Your Divinity

Radiant Soul Awakening Mentorship

Divinely Designed For The Extraordinary Women Ready To Ignite The Goddess Within And Welcome The Next Phase Of Their Lives With Unshakable Confidence. Is That You?

Hello beautiful woman, ever felt like life’s on autopilot, craving more fulfillment and meaning? Guess what? It’s never too late for change and transformation (trust me!).

Wave goodbye to self-doubt, limiting patterns, and embrace YOUR authentic desires. Hit reset and embark on a life-altering expedition with me!

Aren’t you ready for a radical change that empowers you to embrace your fullest potential? The RADIANT SOUL AWAKENING program is a 6-week Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship I channeled while in the Akashic Records. Exclusively crafted for women ready to take profound steps towards growth, healing, freedom, self-worth, inner-peace, confidence, empowerment and so much more. There is nothing like women supporting women and rising each other up. It’s time to ascend, reclaim your dormant abilities, and manifest the life you choose.

You’ll receive a tailor-made curriculum centered around YOU my dear. Working closely with me, we’ll explore your deepest fears, repetitive self-sabotaging habits, unlock hidden gifts, tap into your innate wisdom, intuition, self-healing capabilities. Learn to release limiting beliefs and destructive patterns and brace for a complete inner and outer transformation, as you step into the confident, radiant Goddess you are!

Together, we’ll delve into the depths and confront the obstacles that have held you back for many lives before this one, shattering them for good. As your trusted companion on this transformative phase of your life, I’m excited to offer a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth. Let’s embark on a profound voyage into your inner world, unlocking your limitless potential along the way! Are you in?

Kudos for taking that initial step towards self-reflection! Take a look at these statements to see if they resonate with you:

“Believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt happened for you, not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.”

– Rebecca Campbell

What You Get & What’s Included

In-Depth Interview

Your journey begins with a thorough life-review, diving into your life path and experiences thus far, preparing you for your upcoming B.Q.H. exploration the following day. This roadmap ensures your personalized program, guaranteeing tailored support at every step.

Week 1 - Day 1 - One Hour

Beyond Quantum Healing (B.Q.H.)

We embark on a 2-3 hr. deeply meditative hypnotherapy voyage into your subconscious, accessing assistance from your divine team. This multidimensional journey gives us direct insights and practical guidance as we set the foundation for transformative change.

Week 1 - Day 2 - 2-3 Hours

Post-B.Q.H. Review & Guidance

After digesting your experience, we explore the insights gained from your B.Q.H., interpret the messages, and address any questions you may have. We are now ready to begin. You will also receive an Intuitive Oracle /Akashic Records Reading for additional enlightenment.

Week 2 - One Hour

Four Empowerment Powwows

These are the building blocks for your empowered new life. For 4 weeks, we meet for 90-minutes. Following our roadmap, we tackle what hasn’t been benefiting you, introduce new practical tools, and sacred practices as we clear karmic imprints. Awaken To You Power!  

Weeks 3 - 6 (4 x 90 Minutes)

Holistic Integration

Release emotional and energetic blocks, enabling liberation from past patterns. Activate your highest potential through inner child work, connecting with guides, and spiritual practices. Introducing you to practical ways of implementing what you have learned into your day-to-day life.

Weekly Segments

Anticipate a weekly delivery of engaging materials and practical assignments directly to your inbox. You will have homework that needs to be completed. Download and access our sessions from anywhere, at any time, allowing you the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Guided Support Materials

Tailored to meet your unique needs, I will provide you with transformative assignments, enriching meditations, recommended reads, podcasts, mantras, melodies, practical explorations, journal prompts, and affirmations. These elements are carefully selected to deepen your understanding and foster alignment with your goals.


I am your biggest cheerleader and I’m here for you! Feel free to reach out anytime between our sessions. I genuinely want to see you empowered to trust yourself as your guide. I’m here with caring support, ready to assist and address any questions you may have throughout this transformative journey. 

Lifelong Tools

Cultivating lifelong spiritual tools is like having a compass for the soul. Empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and mindfulness. These tools become essential in fostering a deeper connection with inner wisdom, personal well-being and the collective energy of love and understanding in the world.

By Our Journey's End, You Will...

PS: It’s important to understand that while my role may involve some counseling, it does not replace the services of a licensed therapist or medical professional. Instead, it can be a valuable complement to traditional medical or psychological treatments. It’s always recommended to seek professional help for any mental health issues or concerns.

My Approach

Prepare for a life-altering 6-week journey that ignites and reshapes you from the inside out.

We’ll delve deep into your life, conquering fears and pushing limits. Embracing a holistic perspective, catered to you. We’ll employ diverse methods to unlock your potential and connect with your inner essence.

My approach offers personalized practical tools, enlightening exercises, and customized assignments based on our initial analysis and your BQH session (included in the program). My commitment is to empower your authentic life and set you free to explore your newfound liberation and perspective.

If you’re ready for radical change from within, join me on this incredible adventure, witnessing your Radiant Soul Awakening journey unfold.

“No change comes from taking no action. If you keep repeating the same patterns, you will experience the same results. Transformation comes from within and it takes time and practice to achieve lasting results.”

– Beverly Olivares

Are You Ready to Embrace Empowerment? With Wholehearted Commitment, I Assist You On Your Transformative Journey. It’s an Honor to Stand By Your Side At This Pivotal Moment.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?