Feel the presence of the unseen, always walking beside you.

Intuitive Reading ~ Oracle & Akashic Records Exploration

Who doesn’t appreciate some cosmic guidance from time to time?! If you have reached this far on this platform, I’m sure you do!

Join Beverly on a cosmic journey beyond earthly realms! In this intuitive session, we access the Akashic Records and receive messages and guidance from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. And with the assistance of Angelic Oracle Cards and a touch of magick, you’ll gain clarity and direction.

This session combines oracles, intuitive guidance, and access to the Akashic Records for personalized support and insight.

Bring curiosity and an open mind to explore the realm of intuition.

You’re never alone; guidance is available whenever you seek it. All you have to do is ask.

Come with questions, leave with answers and guidance from beyond. This gentle reading provides honest insights on what you need to know RIGHT NOW.

The Akashic Records often referred to as the “Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance,” serve as a universal super-computer system.

They contain a wealth of information about every individual who has walked the Earth, encompassing thoughts, actions, emotions, and intentions.

These records have a profound impact on relationships, beliefs, and life experiences. They represent a dimension of consciousness housing a vibrational record of each soul’s journey, specifically on Earth.

By accessing the Akashic Records, individuals can uncover their true selves, where they are on their journey, confront fears, address past-life or childhood patterns, and so much more.

Oracle readings: An oracle reading is NOT a psychic reading, it is a gentle and comforting divinely guided experience, such as to having a conversation with a trusted friend or loved one, and can leave you feeling uplifted, supported, and filled with love.

Rest assured, I won’t be making any harsh predictions about your future. After all, we all cherish and abide by the power of free will.

Nonetheless, you will gain insights, guidance, and messages from the spiritual realm. Let the cards reveal answers to your questions, illuminate your path, and offer comforting support. Connect with your guides and angels through this uplifting and enlightening experience. Find clarity, inspiration, and empowerment with every reading.

Intuitive reading sessions offer a variety of benefits for individuals seeking guidance, clarity, and spiritual insight. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Clarity and Insight: Intuitive readings provide clarity and insight into various aspects of your life, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your current circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.

  2. Validation and Confirmation: Readings often validate your feelings, experiences, and inner knowing, offering confirmation that you’re on the right path or reassurance during times of uncertainty.

  3. Empowerment: By tapping into your intuition and connecting with your higher self, intuitive readings empower you to make informed decisions, trust your instincts, and take positive action towards your goals and desires.

  4. Healing and Transformation: Intuitive readers can help you uncover and release emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that may be holding you back, facilitating healing and personal growth.

  5. Spiritual Guidance: Intuitive readings connect you with spiritual guidance, offering insights into your soul’s journey, purpose, and lessons, as well as guidance from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed.

  6. Self-Discovery: Through intuitive readings, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and soul lessons, facilitating self-discovery and personal development.

  7. Support and Validation: Readings provide emotional support, validation, and encouragement, helping you feel seen, heard, and understood during times of struggle or transition.

  8. Inspiration and Motivation: Intuitive readings inspire and motivate you to align with your highest potential, pursue your dreams, and live authentically, reminding you of the limitless possibilities available to you.

Overall, intuitive reading sessions offer a transformative and empowering experience, guiding you towards greater clarity, healing, and alignment with your soul’s purpose and highest good.