BQH – Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session
Mini-BQH (return clients only)


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Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship Program

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Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy

2-Part Session - Split Into 2-Consecutive Days
Beyond Quantum Healing (B.Q.H.) offers a transformative journey into past lives and soul exploration, facilitated through hypnosis, energy work, and intuition. Conducted in person or online for your convenience, sessions connect you with your Higher Self and spiritual guides for profound insights and healing. Please note: Sessions must be booked consecutively.
3-4 hrs

Mini-BQH Hypnotherapy – Return BQH Client Offering

For Returning BQH Clients Only ~ Online or In-Person
Anticipate a personalized journey for continued assistance. Mini-BQH Sessions are tailored to your intentions, offering guidance for your path. This up to 2-hour session, optimizes your time. After a brief discussion, we'll swiftly begin the induction, embarking on the journey beyond. Using BQH tools, we'll explore your intentions and reach for the answers you seek.
1.5-2 hrs

1:1 Mentorship ~ Radiant Soul Awakening 

6-week Mentorship Program - Online Only *Payment Plans Available
Transform your life with our signature Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship Program – a truly life-changing experience! Designed exclusively for women ready to flourish and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Release fears, unlock hidden gifts, and embrace your limitless potential with Beyond Our Realms Healing. Book now to begin your journey towards embodying the radiant goddess within you!

Intuitive Guidance – Akashic Records – Angel Reading (most direct guidance)

60-min Session - Online or In-Person
Join Beverly on a cosmic journey beyond earthly realms! In this intuitive session, we access the Akashic Records and receive messages and guidance from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. And with the assistance of Angelic Oracle Cards and a touch of intuitive magick, you’ll gain clarity, validation and direction.
1 hr

Sacred Energy Healing & Renewal (most popular)

60-min Session - Online or In-Person
Our Energy Healing sessions offer a sacred blend of various transformative modalities. Energy is universal, and during our consultation, we'll address your concerns and invite our spiritual teams to channel healing specifically for you. If you're drawn to a particular modality, please mention it when booking, so Beverly can customize the session to best suit your needs.
Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic Cleansing, Metatron Energy Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Violet Flame Reiki, and Arcturian System Healing.
1 hr

Sonic Energy Therapy (most impactful)

60-min Session - Online or In-Person
Crystal Sonic Healing Experience (Sound Journey) Embark on a transformative Crystal Sonic Healing Journey. This unique session combines the power of crystals and energy healing with an enchanting sound journey. Harmonize your energy field, experience profound shifts, enhance mental clarity, and awaken to a revitalized spirit. Join us for a symphony of healing and transformation.
1 hr

Radiant Goddess Escapade – A Supercharged Healing Journey (most bang for your buck)

90-min Session - Online or In-Person
Treat yourself to a sacred realm of profound healing and rejuvenation, thoughtfully tailored with the utmost care for the spiritual well-being of women. This extraordinary session stands as the pinnacle of holistic wellness, offering an experience that engages multiple modalities, nurturing your soul on every level. In this deeply transformative 90-minute escapade, we harmoniously blend the potent transformation of Energy, Crystals, Oracles and Sound Healing, creating a sacred space where your inner essence is tenderly nourished, and harmony is restored to your being.
1.5 hrs

Free Intro Call With Beverly

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Don't know where to being? Give Bev a call! Embark on a journey of self-discovery and higher guidance. Explore your options and let's see if we are a divine match to work together. "Empowering women is at the heart of everything I do. I thrive on connecting with kindred spirits like you and using enlightened gifts to ignite healing and awaken the strength within your soul." Bev
20 Min

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