"Trust in the cosmic plan, for it directs the destined towards its sacred path

A Bit About Beverly

Beverly embodies the roles of a devoted mother of 3, wife, daughter, friend, woman, a star-sister, driven by a profound commitment to personal growth and spiritual empowerment journey. As a Volunteer Soul, who deeply connects with the work of the late great Dolores Cannon, she carries a mission to uplift humanity’s collective spirit, particularly in these critical times. Aligned with kindred spirits, she is devoted to the elevation of our existence.

Each sacred modality that Beverly incorporates in her sessions, resonates with her on the deepest level, like a familiar remembering from within. It’s a sensation that fuels and ignites her passion to serve and contribute to a better world – a call to co-create a higher existence for us all.

Beverly’s purpose centers on empowering and supporting fellow women in embracing their natural healing powers and divine connections. This transformative journey is accessible to all, and it begins with YOU!

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Beyond Our Realms Healing

What's with the name?

There’s always a story… It was the summer of 2020,  while under the warm sunlight in her backyard on a peaceful afternoon, Beverly experienced a life-altering moment. As her third child took an afternoon nap, deep in her studies and sacred teachings of Candice Crowley, preparing for the Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner Certification exam, a powerful enlightenment struck her. Amid diving deep into Dolores Cannon’s world, Beverly suddenly, as if touched by magic, channeled the name “Beyond Our Realms Healing” and a clear vision of her life’s mission materialized in an instant, as though she caught a glimpse of her destiny. The calling was undeniable, awakening Beverly’s Volunteer Soul and igniting her on a path of Energy Healing, Spiritual Empowerment, and Metaphysical Awareness. This marked the beginning of the journey towards her life’s authentic purpose. A new era had just begun.

The Meaning

Beyond Our Realms Healing goes beyond the physical, reaching higher energies and revealing unseen realms. We tap into quantum fields and our mystical selves for limitless potential.

Truthfully, we are already healed beyond our earthly realms. Healing isn’t necessary; alignment with our true essence is.

Embracing our soul’s journey in human form, allowing our heart and mind to guide us. We rewrite experiences, embracing Earth’s lessons.

Earth is a practical experience, a working vacation, or a school for the soul, depending on how you choose to experience it.

Beverly firmly believes that only the bravest souls sign up for the experience of our Planet, Our Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, Pachamama, our ever so giving and forgiving Mother Nature.

The Mission

Unleashing Spiritual Empowerment. Beverly empowers women as natural healers, fostering trust in their inner wisdom. She guides them to break free from fear, and limitations, discover dormant gifts, and thrives in supporting women in living their most confident lives.

“My dearest, everything you dream of is already within YOU. Allow me to assist you in remembering it.” Xo, Bev

Metaphysical Credentials

Beverly lives by the motto “Sharing IS Caring”  and has devoted herself to deep metaphysical exploration. Drawing from her background in the Oil and Gas Industry, Corporate Sales, and Group Fitness, she provides practical tools for stress management, spiritual growth, and overall well-being. Her passion lies in empowering women on their personal growth journeys.