Welcome lovely,

Now that you have arrived here, my hope is that you embrace belief in yourself and the endless possibilities that lie within you. Trust that Beyond Our Realms Healing is within reach right here on Earth, in this pivotal time. Rest assured that destiny has divinely guided us to meet during this meaningful point in our journey.

A note from Bev

If you’re drawn to this work, trust that it’s meant for you. Whether it’s a subtle curiosity or a strong urge, a tingling sensation, or an inner “yes” sparking interest – if you’re feeling these, let me introduce myself and share with you why I’m passionate about what I do.

Hello beautiful,

Welcome to my world in Calgary, AB, Canada! I believe our paths have crossed for a higher purpose. My name is Beverly Olivares, and I am dedicated to empowering women through diverse metaphysical modalities and divine guidance. My mission is to assist in guiding sisters toward their highest potential, merging intuition, wisdom, empowerment, and healing. I’ve reached a point of unwavering confidence, cherishing each moment. Yet, it wasn’t always like this.

Little did I know, my journey into embracing my mystical self started in 2012. Despite facing profound challenges, a guiding force led me to my first experiences with psychic readings and Reiki sessions. Since discovering that sense of wonder beyond the tangible, I’ve been hooked on embracing and exploring that side of our existence ever since.

I believe we are boundless souls on an eternal voyage, navigating life on Earth and beyond while nurturing our spiritual path. My work is rooted in divine awakening, life experiences, a deep commitment to intuition and inner guidance, surrendering to the present moment, and trusting this incredible journey of service. My entire life has been a preparation for this.

As a lightworker, I’ve chosen to be your companion, leading you to a peaceful existence where manifestation, abundance, love, and surrender thrive. It’s an honor to share your soul’s journey, and I’m grateful for your role in mine.

Within you shines radiant light and captivating beauty. I eagerly anticipate our connection.

Love, Bev

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Radiant Soul Awakening

Signature Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship Program, Divinely Crafted for Women Eager to Flourish And Embark On A Life Path Reset.

Channeled within the sacred space of the Akashic Records,  the Radiant Soul Awakening program is crafted for the women ready to awaken their inner strength and divinity.

Dive into a transformative 6-week mentorship program designed as a practical spiritual empowerment toolkit for women navigating the awakening stages of their spiritual journey.

Awaken the dormant self-healing abilities we all possess.

My mission is to empower women with practical tools to tap into their higher guidance and healing. Together, we’ll pave the way for success, awaken your inner wisdom, and mold the life you aspire to live.

This transformative journey entails building a strong foundation through carefully tailored sessions, addressing your unique goals. Experience Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, a thorough Life Review, Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work, Set Empowering Goals, Utilize Spiritual Practice Tools, Holistic Integration, and so much more. The aim is to restore balance, liberate your truest self, and awaken the inner Goddess within you.

IF you’re ready, I invite you join me on this empowering path to transformation.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Lao Tzu

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