Radiant Goddess Escapade


Refresh ~ Recharge ~ Reconnect

Treat yourself to a sacred realm of profound healing and rejuvenation, thoughtfully tailored with the utmost care for the spiritual well-being of women.

This extraordinary session stands as the pinnacle of holistic wellness, offering a comprehensive experience that engages multiple modalities nurturing your soul on every level.

In these deeply transformative 90-minute sessions, we harmoniously blend the potent transformation of Energy and Sound Healing, creating a sacred space where your inner essence is tenderly nourished, and harmony is restored to your being.

Guided by Beverly’s gentle and intuitive touch, you’ll embark on a journey to embrace the powerful flow of universal life force energy, skillfully directed to dissolve energetic blockages and awaken your body’s innate healing capabilities.

Enhancing this profound healing experience is the soothing embrace of Sound Journey Therapy. Immerse yourself in the celestial resonance of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, and an array of harmonious instruments, guiding you into a state of deep shifts, purification, and inner alignment. 

As the session draws to a close, receive Intuitive Guidance to illuminate your path forward, offering insights and clarity to support your continued journey of growth and evolution. 

Drawing from a rich tapestry of sacred modalities including Crystal Energy, Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Violet Flame, Shamanic Practices, and Arcturian techniques, each session is meticulously crafted to honor and support your unique path to healing and transformation.

Sound Therapy Instruments.

Akashic Records and Oracle Guidance.